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January local artist of the month: Bob Blase

Bob Blase's work on the art wallEvery month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. January’s Artist of the Month is Bob Blase.

Here he is in his own words:


Bob Blase woodworking“I want to put the beauty of the woods on display, along with the beauty of color. I hope my art makes an emotional connection so you can share in my love for the work and these wonderful natural materials. Woodworking is a very tactile craft. As I work the wood with my hands, I brood over it, shaping the art with each technique. I believe each piece of art  I produce has a character, a touch of “soul”, if you will. Let it speak to you. Let it draw you into itself, and give to you what it has to offer.”

Bob Blase is a resident of Wilsonville. He has been working with wood for over thirty years, focusing on inlay and other decorative woodworking techniques. He calls his wood panels “art wood mosaics”. He uses the best exotic and domestic hardwoods available. The lumber is milled thin, cut into selected pieces, assembled and finished. Bob has displayed and sold his art work in galleries on the Oregon coast.


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.