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September Artist of the Month:

John Whitehouse art display - kb

John Whitehouse’s art display at the Library

Our September Artist of the Month is John Whitehouse. John last displayed with us in May 2011. He has acrylic paintings and a model canoe up on display this month. An interesting fact – In season 1 of “Portlandia” there is a skit where people are in a canoe on the Willamette River. John built the full-size canoe and he and his daughter are in the crowd scene on the shore.

Here he is in his own words:


I paint mostly in oils, and occasionally sculpt with clay or marble. My favorite subjects are landscapes and the human body. In either case I try to express the beauty I see in creation. The experience of doing art is my own process of creation and fulfillment. There is nothing more satisfying.
This was something I discovered along the way. I began playing with watercolors as an adult, having had no training up to that point. Working in art was a whole new world. It was not cut and dried, and not very predictable. I discovered a new way to work that was fulfilling like nothing I had previously experienced. I began taking lessons and experimenting. One year I studied drawing, then oil painting, then sculpting. For several years I considered myself a “self-taught” artist.

A few years ago I went back to school, getting an interdisciplinary degree that includes a concentration in fine art. Having a chance to study art history was a special treat, along with studio work and discussion groups. The ability to learn new things remains a joy. Now I work to make art that people will enjoy buying and taking home because they have found a piece that is personal and meaningful for themselves.

Find out more at: www.johnwhitehouse.com.