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October local artist of the month: Lynn Liffick

Art Wall - Lynn Liffick

Lynn Liffick’s watercolor paintings on the Art Wall.

Every month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. October’s  Artist of the Month is Lynn Liffick.

Lynn Liffick was born and raised in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington.  She  and her husband Lonn have lived in Charbonneau for 16 years.  Most of her adult life has centered around a deep love for the outdoors with its opportunities for active adventures and communing with the beauty of nature.

As an Elementary School teacher and later as a stay-at-home mom, she tried to instill her enthusiasm for the creative process in her students and in her two children, Thane and Kristin.  While living with her family in Sun Valley, Idaho for 15 years, she  worked part-time at the Nancy Taylor Stonington Gallery and then as a full-time real estate broker.

She has dabbled in tole painting, pottery, woodcarving,  serigraphy  and quilt-making, but when taking a watercolor class in 2003 at the Wilsonville Community Center, she knew she had found her medium.

Since then she has studied with Nancy Taylor Stonington on Vashon, William Hewson and Don Andrews in Seattle, Linda Doll on Whidbey Island, Jan Glenn, Linda Aman and Dorothy Moore in Oregon.  She has exhibited her watercolor originals at the West Coast Bank,  Charbonneau Country Club, Wilsonville Library, and  the Aurora Colony Art Show, where her work was recognized with  several ribbons.

When not busy with travel, golf and projects around Wilsonville,  she spends time in the Seattle area where she enjoys her four small grandchildren…….and tries to instill in them a love for the creative process and an appreciation of the wonders of  the outdoors.


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.

September Artist of the Month:

John Whitehouse art display - kb

John Whitehouse’s art display at the Library

Our September Artist of the Month is John Whitehouse. John last displayed with us in May 2011. He has acrylic paintings and a model canoe up on display this month. An interesting fact – In season 1 of “Portlandia” there is a skit where people are in a canoe on the Willamette River. John built the full-size canoe and he and his daughter are in the crowd scene on the shore.

Here he is in his own words:


I paint mostly in oils, and occasionally sculpt with clay or marble. My favorite subjects are landscapes and the human body. In either case I try to express the beauty I see in creation. The experience of doing art is my own process of creation and fulfillment. There is nothing more satisfying.
This was something I discovered along the way. I began playing with watercolors as an adult, having had no training up to that point. Working in art was a whole new world. It was not cut and dried, and not very predictable. I discovered a new way to work that was fulfilling like nothing I had previously experienced. I began taking lessons and experimenting. One year I studied drawing, then oil painting, then sculpting. For several years I considered myself a “self-taught” artist.

A few years ago I went back to school, getting an interdisciplinary degree that includes a concentration in fine art. Having a chance to study art history was a special treat, along with studio work and discussion groups. The ability to learn new things remains a joy. Now I work to make art that people will enjoy buying and taking home because they have found a piece that is personal and meaningful for themselves.

Find out more at: www.johnwhitehouse.com.