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Put a hold on a hold (aka “Suspend a Hold”)

Person suspended by rope

There are easier ways to suspend a hold

Going on vacation and don’t want your videos on hold to arrive while you are gone? Or maybe you are still in the middle of a book (that looks like it will take awhile to finish) and you aren’t ready for any more books on hold to arrive?

Then suspend your hold!

When you suspend your hold, your hold is still in place, and you will still move up in the waiting list, but the item will not be delivered to your library until you unsuspend the hold.

How to suspend a hold:

  1. Log in to your account at www.lincc.org
  2. Click on the “My Account” tab
  3. Click on “Holds”
  4. Select the items you want to suspend by clicking in the box next to the title. If you want to suspend all of your holds, then check the box at the top of the list next to “All”.
  5. Scroll down and click on “Suspend selected holds.”
  6. OPTIONAL: set the dates for when the suspension starts and ends. (This is handy if you don’t want to have to remember to go back in to your account to activate your holds.)
  7. Click the button “Suspend selected holds.”

Of course, you can also call the Library at 503-682-2744 and have one of our staff do this for you as well.

Happy Travels and Reading!

Request library items online (aka “place a hold”)

So you want to request an item and have it delivered to your library? Make your request (or “place a hold“) online with these 4 easy steps:

From the LINCC catalog or the Wilsonville Public Library website:

  1. Find the item. Enter the item’s information in the green search box (on the Library website, it is a white search box at the top right) and click “Search” (or “Go” on the Library website).
  2. Select the item. From the results screen, you can either click “Place Hold” on the item you want, or click on “Details” for the item, then click “Place Hold” on the right side of the screen.
  3. Tell it where to go. Then on the next screen select the library where you want to pick up the hold. If you haven’t logged in, then you will need to enter your library card number and PIN on this screen.
  4. Make it so. Then click “Place Hold.” Then on the next screen, click “OK.”

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 503-682-2744. We want you to get what you want!