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February local artist of the month: Jennifer Benz

Jennifer Benz's beadwork

Jennifer Benz’s beadwork

Every month we feature artwork by a different local artist. February’s Artist of the Month is Jennifer Benz. Her beadwork is displayed in the glass cabinets next to the Twice Sold Tales bookstore in the library. Beadwork doesn’t do well hanging on a a wall.

Here she is in her own words:


I like rocks…and fabric…and yarn…and BEADS!  I have been a fiber artist all my life.  Being one who believes in tradition, I encouraged my Grandmother to teach me to crochet and embroider before I turned 7.  Some years later, I convinced my Mom to teach me to sew.

More beadwork

More beadwork by Jennifer Benz

Growing up in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon, I found a respect and love of Traditional Native American Beadwork.  Girl Scout camp introduced me to my first Seed Beadwork class and I have ALWAYS been a lover of rocks, which led me to Gemstone Jewelry.

I have been in the Jewelry Business since 1987 and Sewing for the public since 1992.  I combined my talents to start designing and beading gowns soon after.  I enjoy sewing dance/drama/and Halloween costumes and have found a love for all things spandex.  I learned to quilt along the way and published my first quilt pattern in 2010 for Canby Quilts.

I enjoy giving back to the community through my art.  As a member of the Zoar Lutheran Sewing Circle, I help to sew quilts for Clackamas County Children’s Services Division.

I am continuing the tradition of teaching the handicrafts that I have grown to love to the younger generation as a Girl Scout Leader and a 4H Leader.  I also teach classes in different forms of Beadwork and Sewing/Quilting in groups and individually.

I have a love of Music which led me to becoming President of the Canby Music Boosters, teaching Piano and Flute lessons, and volunteering with the Canby High School Band Program.

I am compiling some of my Gemstone Jewelry designs for a book on Beadwork Design.  I am also actively writing crochet patterns to publish as well. I enjoy the freedom to create due to a wonderful network of family and friends, without whose support I would be very limited indeed.   Where would we be without ART!

J.J. Katharina’s Custom Beadwork and Sewing
Jennifer Benz – Artist
Canby, Oregon

January local artist of the month: Bob Blase

Bob Blase's work on the art wallEvery month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. January’s Artist of the Month is Bob Blase.

Here he is in his own words:


Bob Blase woodworking“I want to put the beauty of the woods on display, along with the beauty of color. I hope my art makes an emotional connection so you can share in my love for the work and these wonderful natural materials. Woodworking is a very tactile craft. As I work the wood with my hands, I brood over it, shaping the art with each technique. I believe each piece of art  I produce has a character, a touch of “soul”, if you will. Let it speak to you. Let it draw you into itself, and give to you what it has to offer.”

Bob Blase is a resident of Wilsonville. He has been working with wood for over thirty years, focusing on inlay and other decorative woodworking techniques. He calls his wood panels “art wood mosaics”. He uses the best exotic and domestic hardwoods available. The lumber is milled thin, cut into selected pieces, assembled and finished. Bob has displayed and sold his art work in galleries on the Oregon coast.


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.

October local artist of the month: Lynn Liffick

Art Wall - Lynn Liffick

Lynn Liffick’s watercolor paintings on the Art Wall.

Every month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. October’s  Artist of the Month is Lynn Liffick.

Lynn Liffick was born and raised in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington.  She  and her husband Lonn have lived in Charbonneau for 16 years.  Most of her adult life has centered around a deep love for the outdoors with its opportunities for active adventures and communing with the beauty of nature.

As an Elementary School teacher and later as a stay-at-home mom, she tried to instill her enthusiasm for the creative process in her students and in her two children, Thane and Kristin.  While living with her family in Sun Valley, Idaho for 15 years, she  worked part-time at the Nancy Taylor Stonington Gallery and then as a full-time real estate broker.

She has dabbled in tole painting, pottery, woodcarving,  serigraphy  and quilt-making, but when taking a watercolor class in 2003 at the Wilsonville Community Center, she knew she had found her medium.

Since then she has studied with Nancy Taylor Stonington on Vashon, William Hewson and Don Andrews in Seattle, Linda Doll on Whidbey Island, Jan Glenn, Linda Aman and Dorothy Moore in Oregon.  She has exhibited her watercolor originals at the West Coast Bank,  Charbonneau Country Club, Wilsonville Library, and  the Aurora Colony Art Show, where her work was recognized with  several ribbons.

When not busy with travel, golf and projects around Wilsonville,  she spends time in the Seattle area where she enjoys her four small grandchildren…….and tries to instill in them a love for the creative process and an appreciation of the wonders of  the outdoors.


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.