History Pub talks about the birth of the Portland Timbers

"The 1975 Portland Timbers" - where it all beganRCTID! Join us on Tuesday, January 28, for an evening with Michael Orr, podcaster and local author of The 1975 Portland Timbers: The Birth of Soccer City, USA.

In this History Pub talk, Michael Orr takes a look back at the first season of the Timbers team in 1975, a season so successful that it landed the Timbers in the NASL Soccer Bowl and earned Portland the nickname “Soccer City USA.” Learn more about the team that inspired huge crowds and featured stars like Peter Withe and Willie Anderson.

“Soccer City, USA: The Birth and Rise of the Portland Timbers” with Michael Orr
Tuesday, January 28
6:30 PM -8:00 PM
The Old Church at Wilsonville McMenamins
Free admission

For more information, contact the Reference Desk at 503-682-2744 or reference@wilsonvillelibrary.org.

January local artist of the month: Bob Blase

Bob Blase's work on the art wallEvery month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. January’s Artist of the Month is Bob Blase.

Here he is in his own words:


Bob Blase woodworking“I want to put the beauty of the woods on display, along with the beauty of color. I hope my art makes an emotional connection so you can share in my love for the work and these wonderful natural materials. Woodworking is a very tactile craft. As I work the wood with my hands, I brood over it, shaping the art with each technique. I believe each piece of art  I produce has a character, a touch of “soul”, if you will. Let it speak to you. Let it draw you into itself, and give to you what it has to offer.”

Bob Blase is a resident of Wilsonville. He has been working with wood for over thirty years, focusing on inlay and other decorative woodworking techniques. He calls his wood panels “art wood mosaics”. He uses the best exotic and domestic hardwoods available. The lumber is milled thin, cut into selected pieces, assembled and finished. Bob has displayed and sold his art work in galleries on the Oregon coast.


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.

3rd Annual Adult Winter Reading Program starts today

Adult Winter Reading Program 2014

Read and win prizes!

Get ready to read, comrade!

The 3rd Annual Adult Winter Reading Program starts today (Monday, January 6, 2014). Read books and win prizes during these months when you just want to curl up with a good book.

This year’s theme is “Hot Reads for Cold Nights: Sochi 2014 Edition”. We’re celebrating all things Olympics, winter sports, and Russian. Complete a Tic-Tac-Toe (or a Diabolical Tic-Tac-Toe if you want a challenge) and get entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for a Kindle e-reader and a “Dinner & a Movie”. Both prizes are valued at approximately $100.

You can also turn in Book Reviews and get entered into a separate prize drawing for gift cards to Barnes and Noble.

Tic-Tac-Toe cards and Book Review forms are available at the library, and can be downloaded from our website: www.wilsonvillelibrary.org/awrp.

Last day to turn in completed cards and forms is Monday, March 10, 2014.

So get reading!

For more information, please contact Andrea Erickson at 503-570-1593 or erickson@wilsonvillelibrary.org.

Children’s holiday books and Legos are here

Legos!Tomorrow is the first day of Winter Break for Wilsonville kids, so we’ll be putting out a tub full of Legos in the Children’s Room.  They’ll be out on one of the big wooden tables in the JER / New Non-Fiction area during Winter Break when the Children’s Desk is staffed.

Also, we put many of our Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza books on display in the Children’s room.  They are on the shelf that usually has easy non-fiction books (opposite side of non-fiction DVD’s, facing the play area).

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask at the Children’s Reference Desk, or call 503-570-1599, or email engelfried@wilsonvillelibrary.org.

Is today your Lucky Day?

Lucky Day display for adult books

Lucky Day display for adult books

Why not find out?

Stop by the library and take a look at our “Lucky Day” shelves in the Children’s Room and across from the Circulation Desk*. These shelves hold highly popular books (the titles with the longest waiting lists) that are available only to folks who come into the library and pick the books off the shelf. No holds can be placed on these books – they’re just waiting for you to check them out!

Lucky Day books for adults and kids

Lucky Day books for adults and kids

What’s the catch? “Lucky Day” books check out for 14 days and can’t be renewed, and there is a limit of 2 “Lucky Day” book checkouts at a time.

So come on down to the library. You never know what you might find!

*Young Adult “Lucky Day” books coming soon!

December local artist of the month: Lisa Nead

Photo by Lisa Nead

Photo by Lisa Nead

Every month on our Art Display wall (the wall behind the New Books), we feature artwork by a different local artist. December’s Artist of the Month is Lisa Nead.

Here she is in her own words:


I have always loved travelling to new places and exploring nature but the first time I picked up a camera and started photographing, something special happened. I felt a deeper connection to my subject and I started seeing things that I had previously missed; detailed patterns in the feathers of a bird, the contrasting colors of the deep blue sky against the green grass, the unique shape of the petals of a flower in bloom. My senses heightened and I felt an excitement like never before. I knew that I had found my passion.

More of Lisa's photographs in the lobby

More of Lisa’s photographs in the lobby

Whenever I travel to a destination with the specific intention to photograph, I am never sure what images I will end up with but I am certain I will enjoy the process. It is where both the challenge and the reward happen for me. Being in the right place at the right time with the added component of what some may call luck, but I like to call magic, is what makes the experience so rewarding for me; the bee lands on the flower right in front of me, the storm clouds part for just long enough to cast a delicate light across the countryside, a couple stands hand in hand silhouetted in front of an orange sunset. To have this “magic” happen I must be patient and simply allow the image to unfold before me. This is the part I love most about capturing a photograph.

My photographs are a way of expressing my reverence for the beauty of nature that surrounds me. I am compelled to capture it and my hope is to awaken something in the viewer as well.

Find out more at: http://www.lisanead.com/


For more information about the Art Display wall, contact Art Gallery Coordinator Karen Brennan at brennan@wilsonvillelibrary.org or 503-682-2744.

Library closed Thursday (11/28) & Friday (11/29) for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!The Library will be closed Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29, in observance of Thanksgiving.

The Library will reopen Saturday, November 30, at 10:00 a.m.

To renew items, select “Renew Items” on our website (top right) or call our automated phone service at 503-659-8634.