“Bedpan Commando” by June Wandrey

"Bedpan Commando" by June Wandrey

"Bedpan Commando" by June Wandrey

Title/Author: “Bedpan Commando” by June Wandrey

Genre: Non-fiction – World War II combat nurse

Rating: 5 out of 5

WV Reader Review: This woman did it all. She was in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. Bad food, being dirty, picking up and moving, sometimes on a daily basis, and the weather. Combat nurses like this are a remarkable breed. The author’s unit won 9 commendation medals. This book is available outside of Clackamas County only.

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8 responses to ““Bedpan Commando” by June Wandrey

  1. Andi,

    So glad you enjoyed my mom’s book. For more about her story, tune in WWII in HD on the History Channel. She was really a remarkable woman and they did a great job telling her story.

    • Hi Paul,

      Actually, I didn’t read the book – this was a review from one of our library staff, and she couldn’t stop talking about it. I’ll let her know about “WWII in HD”, which I have just started watching and have been enjoying. I didn’t realize your mother is the nurse profiled in it. What a fascinating life! I can’t wait to read her book. Thanks for your comment!

    • Paul I had seen WW2 in HD before and everytime I see it I become more intrigued about everyone in the greatest generation. My hat is off to all those people. My dad served in the Pacific and my brother and I served in Viet Nam. We never came close to what they sacrificed. God Bless her.!!!

  2. Dear Paul and Family: First let me say that I am a Vietnam Veteran. Second that my wife, Stephanie, and I just finished watching the DVD WW2 In HD. I cannot imagine what she went through and our soldiers, airmen, and sailors did during the years we were at war. It is very sad that everyday we are losing more and more of those who served in WW2. I thank your mom and all of them for being there to help win the victory!!!!!
    It just so happens that my wife is a Registered Nurse. And has been one since 1965.
    I was so hoping that your mom was still alive like some of those portrayed in the movie. I would like to have talked to her.
    Thank you.
    David Humphrey
    Savannah, Georgia

  3. Hi
    Is the book Bedpan Commando awailable for sale?
    Som impressed be the story as shown on the series Lost films of WWII that har been shown here recently.
    Best regards
    Geir Wollstad

  4. Hi,

    I watched the History program twice now, but I would like to find a copy of the book! Can anyone help me out?

    Paul in Canada

    • To the folks looking to obtain a copy of Bedpan Commando:

      First, check worldcat.org to find a copy at a library near you, or talk with a reference librarian at your local library to see about having an Interlibrary Loan to bring the book to you.

      Second, check book resellers. From a brief search, I found copies available for sale through Alibris, Amazon, and eBay (at least in the U.S.).

      Best of luck in your search!


  5. If you are interested in finding a copy of my mother’s book, go to BedpanCommando.com

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