The Conversation Project: Your Land, My Land

Professor Veronica Dujon

Prof. Veronica Dujon

The Conversation Project, presented by Oregon Humanities, continues on Wednesday, March 3, with a conversation on “Your Land, My Land: Using and Preserving Oregon’s Natural Resources”. This conversation will be presented by Portland State University Professor Veronica Dujon for free from 6:30-8:00  p.m. in the Library’s Oak Room.

About the conversation:

Oregonians are known for a fierce sense of independence and a rugged individuality, qualities long associated with natural resource vocations such as logging, fishing, farming, and ranching. The state is also known for its progressive environmental policies. Our sense of connection to a place informs our values and our approaches to conflict over resource and land use in our communities.

Veronica Dujon, whose research focuses on gillnet fishermen on the Lower Columbia and the conflict over water rights in the Klamath Basin, invites you to consider the various meanings we in Oregon have come to attach to different places in the state and to explore how these attachments shape our desire to both use and preserve our natural resources.

About the presenter:

Veronica Dujon is professor and chair of the department of sociology at Portland State University. She teaches, researches, and publishes in the areas of environmental sociology with a focus on contests over declining natural resources, sociology of globalization, and women in the global economy. One of her major research interests is how to build socially sustainable societies. She has published widely and is co-editor of the volume Understanding the Social Dimension of Sustainability (Routledge, 2009). In Oregon, her research focuses on the conflict over water rights in the Klamath Basin and the adaptation strategies of gillnet fishermen on the Lower Columbia as they respond to declining salmon runs. Dujon received her bachelor’s degree from the University of the West Indies, Barbados, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in land resources/sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


The Conversation Project: A New Chautauqua offers free programs that engage community members in thoughtful, challenging conversations about ideas critical to our daily lives and our state’s future. Conversations are facilitated by some of Oregon’s most respected humanities scholars.

For more information, contact John Smith at 503-570-1594.

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  1. hope to be there! thank you..

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